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Yes it's been a long time 25 years, an accolade only few can stake claim to in Australia! Lakecomm is a small business that was established by its founder Doug Taylor and is still today operated by him. His skills, experience and knowledge are testimony to the existence of 25 years in business.

These signs are just a few examples of why UHF is the preferred radio used in the outback


Trade Secrets: Well I suppose I shouldn't call it's a Trade Secret, but the following info is something you're never told by virtually any dealer - Why, I hear you say? The answer is simple, purely because they don't know - The following info was written by Doug Taylor, qualified technician of 42 years

Firstly, the performance between any two radios is governed by 2 factors - 1, Transmit Power and 2 (and much more important) The Receive Sensitivity. Let's deal with one factor at a time.

'Transmit Power' - well that's pretty standard with all radios, 5 Watts is maximum power output by Law and all radios are 5 Watts, so that's pretty equal.

Now for the Receive Sensitivity, this is where all radios are NOT the same, and this is where dramatic differences in performance can occur between different models and brands of radios. - Now without really bogging you down with technical guff and get totally lost, I'll summarise by saying that Lakecomm have come up with a unique and 'exclusive' coding system to help assist you in buying only the best in reliability and PERFORMANCE - Remember if a radio is cheaper there's probably a reason why it is!

When browsing our website look for this symbol. We call it our 'P' Tick, which will guarantee you that the performance of this particular product is the best available in todays current market - So if buying from elsewhere ask them to inform you of the specifications (that's if they can) -
Please note, in regards to UHF CB Radio, ONLY Icom and GME conform to 'P' Tick

You will also see another logo MIL-STD810. This logo represents any units that conform to Military Specification Standards. It indicates that the radio is 'Ruggedised' to a standard suitable for Military use, to which you can be assured is the highest standard in the world

For those who want the BEST !

IC450 Transceiver
  • 80 Channel UHF CB
  • Rugged construction (Die cast aluminium chassis)
  • Extremely sensitive receiver - Typically .17uV @ 12dB - For those of you who don't know this is the ultimate in receive sensitivity, improving overall radio performance dramatically
  • Handset Inbuilt Speaker
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone which dramatically reduces ambient background noise
  • Voice Recorder - Can record up to 10 of the latest messages with a total of 5 minutes (30 seconds/message)
  • 5 Tone Selcall
  • Scan 'Group/Priority Channel'-Multiple priority channels can be tagged
  • 'Repeater Scan' Icom's unique scan function finds available repeater stations automatically
  • 12 or 24 Volt operation
  • Icom Reliability and Ruggedness
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 35 Programmable 'Receive Only' 450-520mHz
  • Heavy Duty metal Mounting Cradle
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IC450 $379

  • Quality & Reliability - Like only Icom can do
  • 80 UHF CB - 128 Channel Capability
  • 5 Watts on CB Channels / 25 Watts output power on licenced Commercial Channels
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone - Helps eliminate background noise
  • Ruggedised Construction - MILL-STD810
  • 'Repeater Scan' Icom's unique scan function finds available repeater stations automatically
  • CTCSS Signaling is employed preventing any unwanted signals from other radio operators outside your coded channel.
  • Up to 48 additional 'Receive Channels' can be user programmed between 450-520 Mhz
  • 5 Tone Selcall - Multi-formats
  • Scan 'Group/Priority Channel'-Multiple priority channels can be tagged
  • 4 Watt commercial quality front Speaker
  • Solid one piece Di-Cast Chassis
  • Optional Dash Mount Kit MB400
  • Programmable for Commercial Channels 450-480Mhz
  • Compact size - 150mmW x 40mmH x 141mmD
  • 5 Year Warranty
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Icom's Channel UHF - IC410PRO - What does PRO stand for, you ask? Yes, it means Professional, and the 410PRO is just that. The IC410PRO was primarily developed as a commercial radio and then adapted to suit the UHF CB spectrum in Australia, but every other specification is built to commercial standards.



IC410PRO - $389


Introducing GME's smallest UHF CB ever and also has a unique flip head for easy fitment - Even though it is small it is equal in every way in performance

TX3100 Radio $249


The TX3350 is an 80 channel, feature packed super compact UHF CB radio with the new SoundPath™ full function LCD Speaker Microphone.

The challenge was to create a unique solution that allowed a full function LCD Microphone that could house a built in speaker with clear audio all within a compact and ergonomic design. SoundPath™ diverts the audio through a unique convex path around the microphone bollard, whilst maintaining the compact size.

The TX3350 combines the unique combination of space saving benefits of a super compact size radio and full function speaker microphone all in the palm of your hand. The radio can now be discretely installed in almost any location within a vehicle and without the need for extension speakers.

How's that for compact!

  • 80 Channel UHF CB
  • Ultra easy installation
  • Inbuilt Speaker in Microphone
  • Transceiver can be mounted up to 1.8 metres
    from microphone
  • Ultra compact size
  • Programmable Open & Group scan modes
  • 5 Digit Selcall with Quite Mode
  • 50 CTCSS Tone Signaling is employed preventing any unwanted signals from other radio operators outside your coded channel
  • 104 DCS Tones
  • User adjustable Squelch
  • User selectable Priority Channel
  • Australian made and designed
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  • 5 Year Warranty


TX3350 - $399

  • 80 Channel UHF CB
  • Adjustable LCD Display
  • Open & Group scan modes
  • CTCSS & DCS Tone Signaling is employed preventing any unwanted
  • Rear Mic Socket
  • 5 Digit Selcall
  • Front mount speaker
  • Dash mount size (Din)
  • 19 Channel Memory for Scanner - Dealer Programmable 403-520Mhz
  • 5 Year Warranty
TX3500S - $359


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