HF Radio - Second Hand-

The Ultimate Insurance Policy - Make Telephone Calls, Send Emails, SMS and much more, from the outback, call the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Communicate with other HF Users
Codan NGT - AR

The Codan NGT is the world's smallest and most automated HF Radio in the world. It's ultra simple operation makes the NGT basically foolproof to use - All network information is pre-programmed - no need for Selcall lists, Network lists, Frequency Lists etc., - When you want simple and easy to use -


  • Truly User Friendly, carefully designed to be as familiar as a mobile phone
  • Easitalk, a Codan designed noise reduction system to deliver clear and clean voice reception
  • Ultra Compact 'All in One' handset
  • Ultra Compact Transceiver
  • Full frequencies Radtel HF Radio Network, HFoZ R.F.D.S. & VKS737

This Codan 'AR Pack' is in AS NEW Condition

  • 9350 Autotune Antenna and Stainless Steel
  • Selective Calling
  • Multi-Functional Selcall ID's for ease of use
  • Paging - SMS Facility (64 Character)
  • Radtel Direct Dial Telephone Call compatible
  • GPS Interface Option - FREE with any HFoZ Subscription - Click HERE for Details
  • Free HF Radio Training Kit
  • Australia wide back up
  • Complete Specifications - CLICK HERE
  • Customer Testimonial - CLICK HERE
  • HF Antenna Mounting Brackets - CLICK HERE
  • 6 Months Warranty

NGT Packs Include;

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9350 Antenna
Full Specs
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950 Outback Traveller Pack - 2nd Hand

The Outback Traveller Pack includes;

  • Remote Control Head, Transceiver,
  • 910 Autotune Antenna included
  • Full frequencies Radtel HF Radio Network, HF0z, VKS737 and R.F.D.S.
  • Direct Dial Telephone- Radtel,
  • Full operational Training
  • GPS Interface
  • Paging facility
  • Free HF Training Kit
  • More Info - Click Here
  • Excellent Condition
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Designed and built in Australia for the world's hashest conditions and has the track record to prove it.


It's been a long time in the making but finally Lakecomm & Barrett are proud to announce the release of the NEW 2000 series HF Radio -

The 2050 Outback Traveller Pack includes;

  • Latest Firmware and Software
  • Clear, Bright LCD Display
  • Compact Transceiver,
  • Autotune Antenna
  • Complete frequency package including Radtel, HF0z, RFDS & VKS737
  • Direct Dial Telephone
  • GPS Interface - Standard - Click HERE for Details
  • SMS facility - 64 character
  • DSP - 'Digital Signal Processing' reduces background noise
  • Firmware and Software upgradable
  • FREE HF Training Kit
  • 100 Watt Output
  • Current Consumption 470mA
  • Control head 185mmW x 70mmH x 33mmD
  • Transceiver 185mW x 235mmD x 70mm
  • Complete Specifications - CLICK HERE
  • Customer Testimonial -CLICK HERE
  • HF Antenna Mounting Brackets - CLICK HERE
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2050 Outback Traveller Pack


Codan 8528

Pictures may vary from actual unit

Codan 8528

This Radio has definitely stood the test of time, even now it has been one the best radios ever manufactured

  • Compact Control Head
  • Radtel & RFDS Multi-Tap Antenna
  • Selcall / Telcall
  • Full frequencies Radtel HF Radio Network, HF0z VKS737 and R.F.D.S.
  • Free HF Training Kit
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