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Yes it's been a long time 25 years, an accolade only few can stake claim to in Australia! Lakecomm is a small business that was established by its founder Doug Taylor and is still today operated by him. His skills, experience and knowledge are testimony to the existence of 25 years in business.

Lakecomm (established for over 24 years) specialises in remote area, Satellite Communications, Commercial
2-Way Radio systems, HF Radio Communications and Solar Power Systems. Yes, we also have a REAL shop, REAL address, REAL Service facilities, we're not just hiding behind a web site address.

As you may see throughout this website, we like to think at Lakecomm we provide much more than just 'boxes' when we sell an item. To us here, it's all about SOLUTIONS and QUALITY products for our customers ever changing requirements! If you have any special requirement and it's not on the website, please feel free to call us to discuss your application.

Lakecomm's manager, Doug Taylor's experience dates back quite a few decades,with many system designs, large applications and projects to his credit. The Radtel Network and of recent times the world breaking technology of the HFoZ Network are also his creation. His services extend throughout Australia and also international assignments in some of the worlds most remote regions. Doug's technical background and experience comes primarily from his 41years as an electronics technician, but as Doug says "nothing means more than the many years of practical experience I've gained with 'hands on' applications in the electronics industry, this knowledge is not something you read in a text book, it simply takes years to accumluate".

He has travelled the remote areas of Australia now for over 30 years, which gives him and the business first hand knowledge of exactly what is required when it comes to the full set-up, design and commissioning of your communications and Solar Powered systems, the problems which can arise from remote area applications and solutions on how to overcome them.

We have a diverse and comprehensive range of equipment both new and second hand including, HF Radios, Satellite Communications, UHF Radios, Commercial 2-Way Radio Systems, Solar Power Systems, Inverters

So from concept to completion, give Lakecomm a call to discuss your requirements and let us show you why we are the professionals.

Huge range of product lines

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Highest quality Products stocked in Australia

Backed by Lakecomm's Technical Staff

Our total committment is to give honest, accurate advice, regarding your exact requirements.

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